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The Multiple Personalities of Risk

risk terminology

Let’s eliminate some of the vagueness around what we mean by risk with some definitions: assumptions, hypotheses, degree of uncertainty, risk and risk attitude.

The Product Development Pipeline: Shifting the Bubble

Product development pipeline

Part of product development is establishing a pipeline of projects that ensure a steady supply of new products delivered over time. Often the pipeline gets clogged, slowing down the delivery of new products. In the short case study below, we discuss one set of solutions to unclog a pipeline. Product Development Case Study Case Study…
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The Fascinating Evolution of Strategy

wheel evolution 6-18-15 640x220

Here’s a simplified view of how strategy has evolved over the last several decades.* Early in the last century, when markets and industries were generally stable or slow-changing the recipe for success was to choose an industry and try to keep from increasing rivalry among competitors. The internal environment (internal strategies, policies, capabilities, anything controllable…
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NPD-bytes™ Video: Potential inefficiencies of the phased and gated process (4:25)


This NPD-byte™ will share a case study on the potential inefficiencies of the phased and gated process and the importance of resolving project risks early in the project Our firm was brought into a company that was encountering product development process issues.  Some of the issues included, missing delivery dates,  missing organic growth revenue goals…
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Post-Launch Surveillance

Man on Ladder with Binoculars 2015-0610 Cropped resize to 640 x 220 tinypng

Question: I’ve heard that the FDA wants medical device companies to take a more comprehensive view of product life cycles.  However, we are not sure what is expected from the regulations and how they might integrate into our product development process. We are currently using a phased and gated product development process.  Can you provide…
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Creating Your Value Proposition

QandA 640x220c

  Client Question: How can I get information to determine the resonating focus of a value proposition? Answer: Getting a really good understanding of customer needs requires some market research, and that can be hard for companies selling to businesses that have a limited pool of actual and potential customers. If the segments you want…
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Agile Methods in Medical Device Product Development

The engineering drawing

Question: I just started working for a medical device company.  They use a sequential or waterfall approach to product development.  At my previous company, we used more of an agile approach and we iterated our product design throughout the product development process.  Can I use agile processes with medical device product development?  I’m a little…
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It’s a Value Proposition…Handle With Care

handle with care 600x238c

We recently asked a project team to describe the value proposition for their new product. From the broad range of responses we received, it was obvious that team members differed substantially in their definition of what constitutes a value proposition. This seemed to reflect variations in the term’s common usage, which at one end of…
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Strategy: One Direction

strategy one direction 639x220c

  Strategy is more of an art than a science. What companies need is a way to structure thinking and analysis, come to a decision on what to do, and then communicate the strategy in order to mobilize the organization to execute it. We wrote a mini eBook outlining the s2m Strategic Framework™   This framework…
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Show the Benefits of Medical Devices Using Health Economics

piggybank 640x220c

Integrating Health Economics into Medical Device Product Development Healthcare costs continue to rise at rates higher than inflation.  Payers, such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), insurance carriers, and even provider purchasing organizations (e.g., a hospital purchasing group), need to control their costs; while users want the latest technology.  Before adopting new technologies…
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