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5 tactics for dealing with office politics

I recently rediscovered an article that reminded me of why “office politics” exists: it comes down to Powerlessness.

Why Usability Testing Matters for Medical Devices

Some medical device product development teams skip usability testing when developing new products.  Reasons include, ‘it takes too long’ or ‘we already know how the product is going to be used’ or ‘we’ll test usability during design validation’.  User feedback is frequently collected by showing mock-ups or through structured data collection, as opposed to usability […]

How To Identify Medical Device Customers and Their Needs

In a previous blog, I covered the importance of identifying all your medical device users and provided examples of some of those users. Once the users are identified, you need to determine how they will use the product and their needs. There are multiple ways to identify the users and their needs. I prefer the […]

Are the best product ideas internally or externally developed?

A burning question from our clients:  Do we get better product ideas from internal professionals, such as engineers, designers, marketers and product management, or from external sources? (Poetz and Schreier 2012)[i], reviewed past academic literature and conducted a study to answer this  question. Arguments range from “A truly creative product idea is outside the scope […]

Fix the process and culture will follow

Over the years, I had clients that complained about their culture, and were looking for a quick fix. I sounded like a broken record but my usual answer was; “Fix the process and an improved culture will follow.”

Who is your medical device customer?

When determining the user needs for your medical device, you must design for your customer.  But, who is your customer?  The answer can be more complicated. Here are examples of medical device customers and considerations for each.

Why Integrating Business Elements into Your Medtech Development Process Is So Important with Therese Graff

Therese Graff, Partner at Strategy 2 Market recently discussed why you should integrate business elements into your medtech product development process. Listen to this informative podcast hosted by with Therese Graff, Partner, Strategy 2 Market.   Strategy 2 Market helps companies increase growth and decrease product development complexity. © 2016 Strategy 2 […]