Yearly Archives: 2017

Staking Out Valuable Positions

A crucial issue in strategy development is staking out a valuable place in customers’ minds. Perceptual mapping is useful for understanding customer perceptions.

3 steps to creating your product road maps

Product and technology road maps are a graphical representation of the sequence and timing of initiatives or projects contained in the product development strategies. We have heard confusing information from different practitioners and consultants that road maps are strategy. We would like to clarify that road maps are not strategy, but rather a graphical representation […]

5 of the Biggest Fears and How to Overcome Them

As consultants, one trait we see is the inability of managers and leaders to make a decision. Consequently, a number of issues occur because of a manager’s indecision. For example, a project continues to fester in development, and everyone knows it should be killed but no one wants to make that final decision. Why does […]

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