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Exploratory PD Book to Be Published

Adaptable product development process for enterprises that reduces risk and improves time-to-market.

Want to Gain Speed in Product Development? Avoid Large Batches!

In a phased-and-gated process, each phase is a batch of activities that must be completed to produce a set of deliverables. These deliverables are reviewed in a batch at a gate. This method’s problem is that the batch is held until the batch’s longest activity is completed (1). The bigger the batch, the more likely […]

Working Remotely is Not Detrimental to Team Performance

Research has shown that the overall effect of working remotely is not necessarily detrimental to team performance. This is especially reassuring with team members dispersed across the country, globe, and with the onset of COVID-19. In fact, dispersed teams can outperform groups that are collocated if they have the proper parameters. This includes processes, task […]