durable goods

Product Development for Durable Goods Companies

Early-staged market-oriented process activities are well-known and highly visible in business to consumer (B:C) industries. Techniques like focus groups, mall intercepts, ethnography and consumer panels are standard, and now crowd-sourcing and social media are becoming more popular.

Durable Goods Product Development

Business to business (B:B) industries on the other hand, have tended to rely on big customers or big distributors for direction on new product needs.  But this can be inadequate. We understand the importance of early-staged market-oriented activities in building products that address important, unmet customer needs and solve critical problems. B:B companies usually have more than one customer group to satisfy: the direct customer, the end-customer, and any customers in-between.  Each group has a distinct set of needs and problems, and the savvy durable goods company makes sure to understand them all.

Strategy 2 Market has extensive experience working with some of the finest worldwide durable goods companies, and  we will work with your company in building a comprehensive, repeatable new product development system that stresses the value of early-staged, market-oriented activities.  We also integrate important lean techniques and methods to reduce waste and cost within the new product development system.

We work directly with your team on designing and implementing the future new product development system based on durable goods industry best practices.  The ultimate deliverable is a well-functioning new product development system that delivers the ‘right’ projects, drives profitability and reduces cost /waste, and optimizes your new product development project team.

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