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Executive Product Development Forum

As an executive driving product development in your company, do you find that your senior management team is missing a true understanding of the requirements and benefits of new product development?

Product development can be a complex system requiring the orchestration of multiple internal systems and processes, further complicated by changing technologies, trends and competitive activity. Key principles cannot be adequately conveyed in sound bites during a meeting or hallway conversation.

To help senior leadership teams understand how a best-in-class new product development system works and delivers real benefits, we developed an Executive Product Development Forum. We reduce the complexity of product development, introduce best practices and current thinking, and help you build a cohesive team for revitalizing your product development system. This session is customized for your individual product development needs and can be provided on-site.

Strategy 2 Market facilitators are strategic product development consultants who bring a considerable breadth and depth of experience in product development, and discuss real life examples throughout the workshop. We also have considerable experience working with senior management in helping them understand their role in product development.



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