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The Fuzzy Front End (FFE) of Innovation

The Fuzzy Front End – The early stages of innovation and new product development extend from the development of an innovation strategy through the testing of product concepts. The process is ‘fuzzy,’ and is often the source of considerable confusion.

In this course, we take the ‘fuzziness’ out of the Fuzzy Front End (FFE), by addressing how you can systematically review and navigate the early stages of NPD, and by introducing you to the supporting tools and techniques you will need.

See our white paper: “Bringing Focus to the Fuzzy Front End.”

Workshop Description:

Topics Covered

What you will learn:

  • How to create strategies that will assist in the development of successful products and services
  • How to develop market, product and technology roadmaps
  • How to recognize market shifts that may have strategic implications, and to understand how these could translate into areas for disruption
  • How to determine where your idea should enter the FFE cycle
  • How to identify the best sources of new product development opportunities
  • How to uncover ‘breakthrough’ needs, and then develop and test new product/service concepts that best meet those needs
  • How to assess opportunities
  • How to size and determine the profitability of the market you’re targeting
  • How to create a value proposition for your new product
  • How to develop market research objectives, purposes and hypotheses
  • How to determine the best VOC (Voice of the Customer) techniques to use for your research
  • How to determine how your product is perceived versus your competition
  • How to determine if your new product will cannibalize your current product offerings
  • How quantitative techniques can be useful for testing product concepts


  • Content prepared and presented by industry experts and can be customized to meet the organization’s needs
  • Strategy 2 Market instructors are strategic innovation consultants who bring a considerable breadth and depth of experience in new product development, and discuss real life examples throughout the workshop
  • Our focus is on education, not just training in tools and techniques. Each instructional segment incorporates class discussion and case studies that help your team apply new concepts


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