Product Development Best Practices Report Index

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Preston Smith wrote a column for the  newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report (BPDR), formerly published by Management Roundtable. It provided product developers with information and case studies on the latest advances in the field.



January 2004 Should Product Specifications Be “Frozen?”
September 2003 It’s Not About the Technology
May 2003 Do It Wrong the First Time
January 2003 Not All Teams Are Created Equal
September 2002 On Being Proactive
May 2002 The Risk in Time to Market
January 2002 Just The Facts, Ma’am
September 2001 You Can’t Do It Right the First Time
May 2001 Cherishing Failure
January 2001 New Year’s Resolution Check-up
September 2000 Are Your Inmates out of Touch?
May 2000 Deploying Product Development Expertise
January 2000 Want Virtual Results? Use A Virtual Team
September 1999 Revisiting Iterative Product Development
May 1999 Getting Beyond Flavor-of-the-Month Process Improvements
January 1999 Can You Afford to Split People Between Projects?
September 1998 Exploiting Product Modularity As a Time-Compression Tool
May 1998 Rapid Product Development Isn’t for Everybody
January 1998 Procuring Technology to Improve Product Development
September 1997 Learning from Your Development Projects
May 1997 Will You Profit from Rapid Product Development?

management-roundtableFor other contributions that Preston has made to this Management Roundtable publication, see the interviews on  outsourcing product development and the faster, better, cheaper syndrome, as well as the article, “How Product Developers Use the Internet.”

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