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Preston Smith wrote a column for the  newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report (BPDR), formerly published by Management Roundtable. It provided product developers with information and case studies on the latest advances in the field.

Preston Smith Best Practices

8 Steps to Lasting Organizational Change in Product Development: It’s Not About the Technology

In product development it is easier to dwell on the technology and ignore the behavioral issues that render it effective ...

Are Your Inmates out of Touch?

2000 Product Development Management Columns Alan Cooper, author of the provocative book, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum (SAMS, 1999), ...

Can You Afford to Split People Between Projects?

1999 Product Development Management Columns Many product development managers say that they want to get their new products to market ...

Cherishing Failure

2001 Product Development Management Columns Most of us have been bred from an early age to relish success. Our parents ...

Deploying Product Development Expertise

2000 Product Development Management Columns Consider how you might develop a product, such as a cellular phone, having a highly ...

Exploiting Product Modularity As a Time-Compression Tool

1998 Product Development Management Columns Usually, when managers consider speeding up their product development, they look at the people issues ...

Getting Beyond Flavor-of-the-Month Process Improvements

1999 Product Development Management Columns Product development managers seeking to enhance their development process are often caught on the horns ...

Interview: Faster, Better, Cheaper Not Always the Best Policy

Covers some topics added to the 1998 second edition of Developing Products in Half the Time. Product Development Best Practices ...

Interview: The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Product Development

Increasingly, some leading companies are outsourcing even the design of core parts of their products. Learn about the pluses and ...

management-roundtable For other contributions that Preston has made to this Management Roundtable publication, see the interviews on  outsourcing product development and the faster, better, cheaper syndrome, as well as the article, “How Product Developers Use the Internet.”

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