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Preston Smith wrote a column for the  newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report (BPDR), formerly published by Management Roundtable. It provided product developers with information and case studies on the latest advances in the field.

Preston Smith Best Practices

Just the Facts, Ma’am

2002 Product Development Management Columns Those old enough to remember when TV was black and white will recall Joe Friday, ...

Learning from Your Development Projects

1997 Product Development Management Columns Some companies recognize that their product development process is far from what it could be, ...

New Year’s Resolution Check-up

2001 Product Development Management Columns Two loggers headed into the woods. From one you could hear a chop-chop-chop continuously all ...

Not All Teams Are Created Equal

2002 Product Development Management Columns A decade or two ago, the concept of a cross-functional team for product development was ...

On Being Proactive

2002 Product Development Management Columns "Proactive" is a contemporary buzzword. We used it as the leading word in the title ...

Procuring Technology to Improve Product Development

1998 Product Development Management Column This newsletter normally addresses management approaches for accelerating or otherwise improving product development—tools such as integrated ...

Prototyping – Do It Wrong The First Time

Modern prototyping tools will build an elegant, expensive, "perfect" part, but this can encourage perfecting the *wrong* part. Here is ...

Rapid Product Development Isn’t for Everybody

1998 Product Development Management Columns Too many companies have climbed on the rapid-development bandwagon without any understanding of why they ...

Revisiting Iterative Product Development

1999 Product Development Management Columns As product developers have gotten more sophisticated, they have often worked to get away from ...

management-roundtable For other contributions that Preston has made to this Management Roundtable publication, see the interviews on  outsourcing product development and the faster, better, cheaper syndrome, as well as the article, “How Product Developers Use the Internet.”

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