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Preston Smith wrote a column for the  newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report (BPDR), formerly published by Management Roundtable. It provided product developers with information and case studies on the latest advances in the field.

Preston Smith Best Practices

Should Product Specifications Be “Frozen”

2004 Product Development Management Column A decade ago, most product developers agreed that a product specification should be written at ...

The Risk in Time to Market

2002 Product Development Management Columns Over the past decade, many companies have worked to improve their time-to-market and most have ...

Want Virtual Results? Use A Virtual Team

2000 Product Development Management Columns Increasingly, managers are turning to virtual teams to develop new products. But increasingly, they are ...

Will You Profit from Rapid Product Development?

1997 Product Development Management Columns Over the past few years many managers have embraced short-cycle product development as a means ...

You Can’t Do It Right the First Time

2001 Product Development Management Columns Hard-pressed to improve competitiveness, managers often implore us to "do it right the first time." ...

management-roundtable For other contributions that Preston has made to this Management Roundtable publication, see the interviews on  outsourcing product development and the faster, better, cheaper syndrome, as well as the article, “How Product Developers Use the Internet.”

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