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What resources on the Internet do other product developers use?

April 2001 Quick Tip

You may recall that a few months ago a Quick Tip suggested where you could read about the latest product development advances in print media: “Where can I read about new product development techniques?

As part of that research, we discovered that many developers were instead getting their information straight from the Internet, so we partnered with Management Roundtable,, to discover how product developers use the Internet. Ironically, one discovery from the 6112 developers polled was that the Internet doesn’t seem to be as popular as the hype would suggest: the response rate for this survey was only 3.2%, compared with 21% for the print media survey!

We thank those of you who responded to this survey.

We found that online sources differ, depending on the objective. When seeking answers to a specific question, the three top tools, in order of popularity, are search engines, specific Websites, and corporate libraries/intranets. But if they instead want to keep up to date regularly, developers turn to e-mail newsletters, online publications, and corporate libraries/intranets.

The top search engine by far is the Google/Yahoo pair; followed by AltaVista; then, at a distance, Excite, Northern Light, and Dogpile.

Corporate online libraries and intranets are especially popular among large, well-established companies, but we found that they (probably unknowingly) discourage developer’s access to challenging, alternative means for developing new products or understanding competitors.

For details see our article with hyperlinks to leading sources or a version having additional context.

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