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How can we avoid “technology push” without avoiding technology?

July 2000 Quick Tip

Too many engineers have been warned by their marketing counterparts to avoid “technology push.” Consequently, they are reluctant to mention using new technology at all. This is dangerous today, because many new technologies can greatly improve products or their associated processes, such as manufacturing or field service. Failing to apply technology appropriately can leave your firm open to fast, young competitors.

On the other hand, new technology does get applied before it is ready, it appears in applications for which customers have indicated no interest, and it can add cost, development cycle time, and complications without adding commensurate value.

Two popular books, Crossing the Chasm and The Innovator’s Dilemma, address such difficulties in dealing with technology. However, to me, they are rather theoretical and lack practical how-to information. A book that is more useful for managing technology on a daily basis is F. Michael Hruby’s TechnoLeverage.

TechnoLeverage shows through examples how to apply technology to new products in both mature and brand new markets. In fact, the book’s strength is in showing how competition differs in mature and new markets, and how technology must be managed differently as a market evolves from exotic to commodity.

To pursue this topic, see our review of TechnoLeverage.

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