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How can we take advantage of globalization’s product development opportunities?

October 2005 Quick Tip

The world is undergoing some enormous changes, and you are likely to be either a victim or a beneficiary of them. For example, some people in the United States worry about job losses due to outsourcing (for example, see the book, Outsourcing America. However, job losses are a far larger threat to some developing countries, which can ill afford them.

But, being product developers, these displacements also create great opportunities for those who watch trends and think creatively – and globally! For example, Paul Laudicina, in his recent book, World-Out-Of-Balance, illustrates how General Electric spotted trends in world water shortages and air pollution and turned them into profitable, growing new businesses.

Laudicina describes three areas that will affect product developers: global market shifts, closing some markets and opening others; changes in how consumers evaluate, use, and dispose of products; and demographic, environmental, and regulatory changes in how we will be able to develop products. These changes stem from five broad factors: globalization, demographics, consumers, natural resources and the environment, and regulation and the environment.

What to do? I suggest that we start thinking out of the box – or, in this case, way beyond the 12-mile limit from our shores. I was amazed today at how insular my thinking was when I looked at the list of product developers to whom I’m sending this Quick Tip – from a nominally American firm. The ten most numerous names on the list are, in order: Chan, Wong, Lee, Smith, Wang, Tan, Johnson, Zhang, Cheung, and Li!

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