Where can I read about new product development techniques?

December 2000 Quick Tip

This is more difficult than it sounds, as product development spans several disciplines and many industries. But I wanted to know the answer to this question too, so I asked the 1000+ readers of these Quick Tips what they read that helps them to improve their product development practices. Thanks to all who responded, here is the top ten list of what you read (with the number of mentions of each):

Harvard Business Review (52)
Journal of Product Innovation Management (27)
Machine Design (24)
Design News (22)
Wall Street Journal (19)
Project Management Journal (17)
Fast Company (16)
Business Week (14)
Mechanical Engineering (14)
Research-Technology Management (13)

Just as interesting, many readers responded by saying that when they want to learn about product development practices, they don’t turn to magazines or journals at all. Instead, they would conduct an online search. Some sources of online product development help are in this article. Perhaps we should conduct a survey of Quick Tip readers to discover other such sites.

For greater detail, see our periodicals survey.

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