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The new product articles listed below have been published in magazines and journals. The actual articles appear on their own page on this Web site, appear on the publisher’s site (a link to that site is provided), or are available here to download as a PDF file

Cycle Time Compression Can Be Inappropriate

Product Development Process
Hard-pressed, we want faster, better, cheaper in everything we do. Yet, fast cycle time can have its price, so it ...

Dealing With Project Risks Successfully

The first installment of this series covers risk models, the second describes the risk management process, and the third provides ...

Designs Change. Deal with It!

Flexible Product Development
Using a design project case study, shows how inevitable midproject changes can be handled gracefully and much more cheaply than ...

Developing Your Products in Half the Time

Product Development Process
Explains to senior executives the pitfalls in approaching rapid product development and points for them to be aware of as ...

Effective Development Begins and Ends with People

Preston G. Smith, published by Cutter Consortium’s Agile Product & Project Management Advisory Service, 15 May 2008 ...

Fast Cycle Product Development

Product Development Process
Summarizes the techniques of rapid development. Preston G. Smith, Engineering Management Journal, June 1990, pp. 11-16 ...

Faster to Market

Management Issues
Discusses how managers, from first-level supervisors to the CEO can facilitate rapid development. Preston G. Smith and Don Reinertsen,Mechanical Engineering, ...

Flexible Development Isn’t Free

Flexible Product Development
If flexible product development is so valuable for enhancing innovation, which is highly coveted, why isn't it widely practiced? ...

Flexible Product Development in a Turbulent World

Flexible Product Development
Covers making decisions at the last responsible moment, rolling-wave and loose-tight project planning, and personas, then it suggests how to ...

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