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The new product articles listed below have been published in magazines and journals. The actual articles appear on their own page on this Web site, appear on the publisher’s site (a link to that site is provided), or are available here to download as a PDF file

Flexible Project Management

Project Management
Explains how project management is done for a flexible project, providing a non-software alternative to many agile development papers presented ...

Flexible Project Management: Building a Flexibility Toolbox

Project Management
Final article in the series. This one covers some of the tools used in a flexible project from a project ...

Flexible Project Management: Creating a Flexible Environment

Project Management
Second in a series. Describes the environment needed for flexibility to flourish in an organization. Preston G. Smith and Jeff ...

Flexible Project Management: Enabling a Flexible Team

Project Management
Initial article of the series, which focuses on the individual and team characteristics that enable flexibility. Preston G. Smith and ...

Focus on Profit to Reap Benefit of Speed to Market

An excerpt from “Reaping Benefit” that concentrates on calculating and using the cost of delay. Preston G. Smith, Steel in ...

From Experience: Leading Dispersed Teams

Describes what you need to do — besides applying technology — to keep your team working effectively when it is ...

From Experience: Reaping Benefit from Speed to Market

Management Issues
Describes several ways in which managers go astray in implementing a rapid development program and offers enduring approaches for creating ...

From Experience: Time-Driven Development of Software in Manufactured Goods

Offers several techniques for accelerating the development of machines whose operation depends on embedded software. Tomlinson G. Rauscher and Preston ...

How Much Risk Management Is Enough

One can easily overdo project risk management, spending all of one’s time managing risk rather than completing the project. Here ...

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