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The new product articles listed below have been published in magazines and journals. The actual articles appear on their own page on this Web site, appear on the publisher’s site (a link to that site is provided), or are available here to download as a PDF file

Remember: Agility Is Lack of Rigidity

Product Development Process
Reminds us of the basics of agility—the lessons that seem to be so hard to remember. Preston G. Smith, published ...

Saying No To Customers

Management Issues
A short explanation of the pitfalls of doing everything the customer wants and thus overloading your development pipeline. Preston G ...

Shortening the Product Development Cycle

Product Development Process
Overview of the principles of rapid development from the R&D manager’s perspective. Preston G. Smith and Don Reinertsen, Research-Technology Management, ...

Stage Gate* Process Versus Time to Market

Product Development Process

Phased development processes, today frequently called stage gate* processes, are used in some form by perhaps half of the companies ...

Strategists Role Shortening Product Development

Fuzzy Front End
This article covers several cycle time compression areas that lie under the control of the corporate strategist. The Journal of ...

Strengthening Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Effective team collaboration is a key to developing a winning product. This article suggests how to achieve such collaboration. Preston ...

The Business of Rapid Prototyping

Suggests how to get more out of enabling technologies, such as rapid prototyping, and how to justify procuring them more ...

The Risk of Talking About Risk

Despite a reluctance to address it, risk is a productive focus for guiding a project to success. Article by Preston ...

The Roots of Agile,” Part 1

Agile Software Development
Shows the basics of what makes Agile software development work so that it can be expanded to other product types ...

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