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The new product articles listed below have been published in magazines and journals. The actual articles appear on their own page on this Web site, appear on the publisher’s site (a link to that site is provided), or are available here to download as a PDF file

The Roots of Agile,” Part 2

Agile Software Development
A continuation of the article "The Roots of Agile", Part 1. Preston G Smith, published by Cutter Consortium’s Agile Product ...

The Three Keys

The keys to success are people, people, and people. Preston G. Smith, published on 11 August 2008. ( is ...

Thirteen Ways to Mismanage Development Project Risk: How to Avoid Those Erroneous Routes

A “short course” on project risk management by showing what not to do. Preston G. Smith, Visions, July 2002, pp ...

Try It Out

Emphasizes the importance of experimentation when uncertainty reigns. Preston G. Smith, published on 1 December 2008. ( is now ...

U. S. Firms Are Finally Getting up to Speed

Short article emphasizes calculating and using the cost of delay. Preston G. Smith and Don Reinertsen, San Jose Mercury News, ...

Using a Risk Model to Build Development Team Consensus

Describes the considerable value of using a Standard Risk Model as a framework to manage a project risk. Guy Merritt ...

Using Conceptual Modelers for Business Advantage

An updated version of “Rapid Prototyping Accelerates the Design Process” below. This material was also presented at the TCT conference ...

What do Product Developers Read?

Resources for Product Developers
Because innovation is inherently multidisciplinary and multi-industry, there is no single periodical that covers it. This short piece will head ...

Why Change is Hard

Management Issues
Outlines the difficulties in accomplishing organizational change and what to do about them. Preston G. Smith, Across the Board, January/February ...

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