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8 Steps to Lasting Organizational Change in Product Development: It’s Not About the Technology

Management Issues, Preston-Smith
In product development it is easier to dwell on the technology and ignore the behavioral issues that render it effective ...

8 Ways To Manage Contract Designers

Management Issues
Engaging a product development organization to help you develop your product has many advantages — but also potential problems. This ...

A Portrait of Risk

Using two examples of risks from industry, this article shows how a risk model provides a picture of a risk ...

Accelerated Product Development: Techniques and Traps

Product Development Process
An update of our book, Developing Products in Half the Time, emphasizing where the major opportunities and pitfalls lie in ...

Accelerating Design for Complex Products

Product Development Process
Complexity can cause design work to rise exponentially with the number of components. This article offers ways to counter this ...

Agile Risks/Agile Rewards

Describes how the conventional project risk management process can be accelerated dramatically for an agile project. Preston G. Smith and ...

Are there situations where cost-of-delay calculations don’t apply?

Cost of Delay, Preston-Smith
January 1999 Quick Tip (In the last Quick Tip, we showed how to calculate the cost of delay -- the ...

Are Your Inmates out of Touch?

Management Issues, Preston-Smith
2000 Product Development Management Columns Alan Cooper, author of the provocative book, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum (SAMS, ...

Avoid Costly 11th-hour Project Dilemmas by Preparing for Change

Flexible Product Development
Resolves the costly do-it-wrong (miss the market) or do-it-over dilemma by exploring uncertainties early in a project. Preston G. Smith ...

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