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What is “green” product development?

Trends, Preston-Smith
January 2006 Quick Tip We are slowly realizing that many of the Earth’s resources are finite, and, in the end, ...

What is lean product development and should we be using it?

Trends, Preston-Smith
September 2004 Quick Tip Lean product development stems from lean manufacturing, which in turn, is largely a repackaging of the ...

What is lean product development?

Trends, Preston-Smith
December 2005 Quick Tip This term confuses me. Fortunately, lean development consultant Katherine Radeka of Whittier Consulting Group has brought ...

What is the connection between flexible product development and project risk management?

Project Risk, Preston-Smith
September 2007 Quick Tip Our new book, Flexible Product Development will appear next week, so it is appropriate to ...

What is the connection between flexible product development and time to market?

Flexible Product Development, Preston-Smith
June 2007 Quick Tip I regard flexible product development simply as an extension of time to market into the twenty-first ...

What is the essence of managing risk in a development project?

Project Risk, Preston-Smith
October 1999 Quick Tip There are two critical factors to keep in mind in managing risk: - Risk must be ...

What is the most important factor in improving product development?

Product Development Process, Preston-Smith
October 2008 Quick Tip As realtors are fond of saying about buying houses, there are three important factors to consider ...

What major trends do your see in product development?

Trends, Preston-Smith
June 2004 Quick Tip I see two trends – and they are on a collision course. The first one stems ...

What resources on the Internet do other product developers use?

Resources for Product Developers, Preston-Smith
April 2001 Quick Tip You may recall that a few months ago a Quick Tip suggested where you could read ...

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