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What should my boss do to speed up product development?

Product Development System, Preston-Smith
January 2000 Quick Tip No better topic for starting a new year. Several years ago, I gave the following answer ...

Whatever happened to best practices?

Best Practices, Preston-Smith
April 2007 Quick Tip The other day I read a funeral announcement for best practices. This is sad. I hadn’t ...

When co-locating our team isn’t practical, what can we do?

Organization, Preston-Smith
January 2003 Quick Tip If you have read our book, Developing Products in Half the Time, you will recognize ...

Where can I read about new product development techniques?

Resources for Product Developers, Preston-Smith
December 2000 Quick Tip This is more difficult than it sounds, as product development spans several disciplines and many industries ...

Where do we start in reducing time to market?

Tools, Preston-Smith
July 2004 Quick Tip Your first step should be to determine what flavor of time to market you need. Faster ...

Why Change is Hard

Management Issues
Outlines the difficulties in accomplishing organizational change and what to do about them. Preston G. Smith, Across the Board, January/February ...

Why do we have so much fire fighting, even when we manage our development process methodically?

Product Development Process, Preston-Smith
January 2002 Quick Tip Fire fighting is usually a result of dealing with project uncertainty reactively, rather than working proactively ...

Why is it so destructive to split developers between projects?

Organization, Preston-Smith
March 1999 Quick Tip Under pressure to be competitive, management often assigns its best product developers to multiple projects. This ...

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