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New Product Development Management Interviews

These published interviews address new product development management. They cover a broad variety of management techniques being used by leading companies to accelerate and improve their new product development. The actual interviews appear on their own page on this Web site, appear on the publisher’s site (via a link to that site), or are available here to download as a PDF file.

Achieving Speed in New Product Development,” Knowledge Roundtable, January 10, 2006. Full transcript of a 75-minute audioconference with Lawrie Cunningham of Black&Decker and Preston Smith. The discussion covers several time-to-market questions from the participants. Download a PDF file (18 pp., 102KB)

Rapid Prototyping in ‘Fuzzy’ Front End Achieves Faster Cycles,” Managing Design Engineering (discontinued September 2000), August 2000, pp. 4-5. Highlights the opportunities and pitfalls of using rapid prototyping in early conceptual design activities. Download a PDF file (2 pp., 170KB).

An Interview with Preston Smith,” Application Development Strategies (now available as a Cutter Consortium white paper), November 1998, pp. 5-8. Considers the applicability of our techniques to software development; conducted by Jim Highsmith, author of Adaptive Software DevelopmentDownload a PDF file (11pp., 198KB; see pages 7-10 for the interview).

Expert Advice on How to Complete Design Projects Faster,” Engineering Department Management & Administration Report (discontinued September 2000), October 1998, pp. 1, 10-12. Addresses the common issue of project overload: trying to work on too much at once. Available on another page.

Racing to the Marketplace,Ottawa Citizen, October 12, 1998, p. D5. Mark Anderson, the High Tech editor of this newspaper in “Silicon Valley North,” focuses on issues in the electronics and software industries. Available from the publisher’s site.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Product Development,” Product Development Best Practices Report, March 1998, pp. 4-7. Increasingly, some leading companies are outsourcing even the design of core parts of their products. Learn about the pluses and minuses of outsourcing.

Faster, Better, Cheaper Not Always the Best Policy,” Product Development Best Practices Report (Management Roundtable), October 1997, pp. 6-9. Covers some topics added to the 1998 second edition of Developing Products in Half the Time, available online.

Data Talk,Dataquest (India), 30 September 1997. Addresses design automation issues and difficulties of communication in multinational design teams.

Why Corporate Change Comes Hard, Design News, 7 February 1994, p. 124. Looks at some of the difficulties in actually accomplishing organizational change. Download a PDF file (1 p., color, 62KB).

Ways to Quicken Your Product Development Cycle,” Design News, 24 February 1992, pp. 74-77. A discussion of several topics from the original edition of Developing Products in Half the Time. Available on another page.

Six Steps to Smoother Product Design,” Vilma Barr, Mechanical Engineering, January 1990,  pp. 48-51. Briefly covers several facets of developing products faster and better. Download a PDF file (4 pp., 328KB).

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