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Exploratory Product Development: Executive Version

This executive version examines the organizational constraints imposed by a standard phased-and-gated product development process. We discuss why those constraints are a problem for organizations operating in today’s complex and changing world. We then look at the lessons of the Manhattan Project, a highly successful historical project, and introduce Exploratory PD (ExPD), an adaptable and flexible approach to developing products.

Learn & Adapt: ExPD an Adaptive Product Development Process for Rapid Innovation and Risk Reduction

In this user guide, we present Exploratory Product Development (ExPD), a strategy-to-launch product development approach that is adaptable and can respond nimbly to environments that are increasingly complex and uncertain. Using the ExPD approach, you can discover how to accelerate your product development process by removing bureaucracy and rework, learning through experimentation, and shifting your focus to the most critical product priorities.