Case Study: M&A Product Development Process Integration

improving and simplifying the product development system


  • A Fortune 500 company acquired another company, and they had diametrically opposed business models
  • Expectation was to achieve new innovation and rapid growth
  • Problem was to meld the two organizations to achieve these benefits
  • Each organization had unique processes that were incompatible
  • Skill set and capabilities of acquired organization not understood


  • Designed and simultaneously implemented a common PD system based on best practices, and aligned with the future direction of the new merged organization
  • Worked side by side with our client leading and providing ‘real-time’ training to executives and PD teams
  • Created a portfolio management system that ensured the appropriate prioritization of PD projects
  • Established a system for sustaining a pipeline of new product ideas

Why it Worked

  • The senior leadership was actively involved and fully committed to the engagement
  • Assessed both organizations using the s2m Product Development (PD) Elements model to leverage existing practices and to identify gaps
  • Executive teams focused on strategic decisions that drive the efforts and focus of the new PD system and teams
  • Defined roles and responsibilities and expectations for the PD members that eliminated confusion and conflict
  • Coached Product Managers on PD strategy development and execution of product and technology roadmaps
  • Body of Knowledge made the system sustainable
  • The portfolio management system provided the transparency required for optimizing resources


  • Client exceeded its first quarter goals by 43%
  • The senior leadership and project team members established a working relationship based on respect and trust
  • Team building brainstorming session resulted in four new products that they launched successfully
  • The process is sustainable and is still executed within the organizations
  • Other divisions within the organization leveraged the process