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Case Study: Improving the Product Development System and Time to Market


  • Products not delivered on-time, generating employee stress and customer dissatisfaction
  • Lack of a well-defined product development process
  • Too many projects in the pipeline; resources were spread too thin
  • Projects continually reprioritized leading to inefficient resource utilization
  • Lack of visibility to project status
  • Missing key resources to drive product development
  • Lack of strategic direction
  • Poor hand-offs between departments


  • Designed a portfolio management system that determined the right projects and optimal number of projects based on available resources
  • Developed a robust lean product development process with integrated lean/agile techniques
  • Implemented cross-functional teams with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Standardized project management processes and improved project visibility across the organization
  • Coached the product management team on developing product strategies and roadmaps
  • Trained both senior management and project team members

Why it Worked

  • Strong senior management buy-in and participation
  • Built organizational understanding that too many active projects and multitasking slow project completion
  • Placed projects on hold until resources became available
  • Effective project planning and maintenance was facilitated by cross-functional teams
  • Strategic direction was provided through the development of product strategies and roadmaps
  • Daily stand-up meetings conducted by cross-functional teams using virtual project boards kept project work front and center
  • Adapted implementation timing based on the organization’s ability to change


  • Within a 9 month period, eleven projects were completed on-time (some early); client was overjoyed
  • Client secured a significant contract from a major customer due to improved on-time delivery
  • Improved communication using a common language and coordination across all departments
  • Senior management is able to evaluate and prioritize the most important projects while optimizing resources
  • Weekly “Flash Reports” provide visibility to project status
  • Product development process and lean/agile methods are embedded into the organization
  • Less internal conflict between team members and departments
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