The Product Development Pipeline: Shifting the Bubble

Product development pipelines can become clogged over time. This case study examines solutions which helped a client get more products through their pipeline.

Survival in this fast-paced world

Over the last few decades we have seen many historically successful companies fail. Today an adaptive strategy is appropriate for many companies,

Why Traditional Strategy Does Not Win

Traditional strategy development assumes that markets/industries are stable, but today that is not the rule for most firms. How do develop strategy that is adaptable to change? Learn more

7 Steps to Integrate Medical Device and Lean Product Development

Here are some steps to get started implementing lean product development in your organization. The goal is to identify and remove waste, so work (including product development) can flow through the organization,

8 Signs your Product Development System Needs Some Love

8 signs your product development system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Should you use Skunk Works? Not a Cut-and-Dried Answer

An executive asked me a question regarding the merits of designing a Skunk Works® program for developing innovative products internally. It is not a cut-and-dried answer because there are advantages and disadvantages of the skunk works model.

Managing your biggest black hole in product development: Resource Management

A common theme we hear from our clients: “I don’t know if we’re working on the right Product Development (PD) projects, and I keep hearing that projects are late because we don’t have enough resources. The solution to every problem seems to be ‘Give me more people,’ but …”

Medical Device Companies: Ten Tips on Nailing Down Your Requirements Early

Medical device product development teams often think they need to have all the customer requirements and design inputs defined when they enter design controls. In this posting, I’ll explain to you why it isn’t necessary to have them completely defined upfront and ways to add more detail over time.  In our experience, we find teams  […]

Is There Customer Uncertainty About Buying Your Products?

As a marketer, it is imperative to reduce any uncertainty customers may feel about buying your product. Customer uncertainty can take the form of needing more information, not having enough experience with your product, or not enough evidence to assure them that it will perform as desired. Customer uncertainty contributes to indecision on trying or purchasing your product. There are different avenues that a marketer can take in order to reduce this uncertainty…

Battles between Marketing and Engineering

It is not unusual to see a battle between marketing and engineering when it comes to product development. This conflict needs to be addressed because it translates into wasted project cost, time, resources and a culture of mistrust. This is a must read blog post, by Mary Drotar of Strategy 2 Market, published on the […]

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