Assessing Your Current Product Development System

Client Issue:  “Product development is complicated and it involves many departments within my organization. Sometimes relations between departments can get tense and uncomfortable. I just don’t know where to start with improving our new product development system.”

Solution: In order to improve the future new product development system, an understanding of the current state is necessary. Strategy 2 Market objectively assesses key aspects of your product development system to identify where you are doing well and where you can achieve substantial improvement.

We take a systems approach to the evaluation of product development in your organization, providing insights and recommendations on what will work best in your organization. Best practices play a role, but are adapted to your situation.

The assessment report utilizes our Product Development Elements™ model, and includes

systems approach to product development

The result is a practical and objective recommendation, without the subjectivity and conflict inherent in an internal review.

Based on your objectives and budget, we work with you to determine the best current-state assessment type for your company. We have three types of assessments including

  1. Survey-based
  2. Internal interviews
  3. Survey- based plus internal interviews

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