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Client Issue: “We can’t seem to manage our projects. Project Portfolio Management tools are too complex and expensive, but on the other hand a spreadsheet is way too simple. We need a cost-effective way to manage our projects and resources better. Ideally, a tool that will incorporate lean methods and can be used by our team members.”

Solution: This is a request we frequently receive from our clients and now we have a tool called PLAYBOOK. We have seen our larger clients struggle with extensive Project Portfolio Management systems that are so removed from the team that there is little or no benefit to managing individual projects. With our smaller clients, MS Project or a simple spreadsheet also has its challenges. PLAYBOOK is an elegant cost-effective solution that works for all companies regardless of size. This web-based solution integrates important lean principles that assists your team in delivery their projects on time. Strategy 2 Market is very excited about offering this new tool to our clients, especially after seeing the results of faster time-to-market, improved team work and a more positive culture. Click here to learn more


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