Improving Time to Market

Client Issue:

“I keep hearing that projects are late because we don’t have enough resources, but I think it is a process issue. The solution to every problem seems to be ‘Give me more people,’ but I’m not going to throw more resources into PD if we can’t even manage the resources we already have. Our clients are getting mad and our team is frustrated.  During our management teams I see my different departments arguing and blaming each other, we need to fix this, and now.”


Delay in getting products to market is a common problem with many possible causes, such as a lack of strategic priorities, ill-defined activities and deliverables, resources spread too thin, frequent reprioritization of projects, inadequate checkpoints, inadequate assessment and management of project risks, and changing project scope with a lack of product definition.

Our view of product development as a system enables us to improve time to market. We have extensive experience in project prioritization, resource management, process improvement, team development, and flexible/ lean/agile product development methods. We are experts in reducing waste!

During our engagement, we also work closely with your team so they understand how to use and maintain the improved system.

Improving time-to-market testimonial

Question: What was your biggest issue with time-to-market, and was Strategy 2 Market able to help?

Answer:  “We had a lot of issues with time-to-market.  In fact, we did not deliver a product on time for 5 years.  It caused so much stress and conflict internally.  We were spending 50% of our time during our monthly executive meetings discussing the reasons and causes, and we were just going in circles.  On top of that, our customers didn’t trust us to deliver anything on time. That’s when we decided to get external help.  We found Strategy 2 Market, and they seemed to have the most experienced team in fixing these issues, so we went with them.

They were easy to work with, and they worked with both the management and project teams on understanding and solving the problem.  We started with the biggest issues, solving these, and then we started seeing some real results. In fact, our improved performance led to a major contract being landed, since this customer saw all the improvements we were making…including getting products to market early.”


Chief Operating Officer
August 3, 2016

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