Integrating Mergers & Acquisitions

Client Issue: “Client Issue: “We acquired a company and product development is not fully integrated. The members of our team refuse to consider integrating the acquired company’s processes, and the acquired company is doing the same. It is keeping us both apart when it comes to developing products together. We need an objective evaluation of both companies in order to determine the best product development process and practices we should leverage.”

Solution: Integrating an acquired company into your existing product development function can be very difficult and fraught with confusion and stress. Differences in processes are generally identifiable, but differences in strategy, skills, culture, and roles and responsibilities can be more elusive and can create stumbling blocks to a successful integration.

Using an outside firm provides you an objective reference for your integration, and we have a tremendous amount of experience in evaluating product development systems within organizations. We work towards building a unified company that leverages and optimizes the best strategy, process, portfolio management system, organization, culture and skills.

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