s2m New Product Development Reference Tool

Client Issue: “Our new product development process is difficult to control and manage. Things fall through the cracks. Our project team members seem unclear on their roles and responsibilities. Some team members deliver stellar results while others just don’t seem to “get it.” Sometimes there is conflict between team members about decision-making or what needs to be done.”

Solution: You are not alone. Most organizations experience these issues at some point, and it really comes down to a lack of clarity and standardization of activities and roles and responsibilities within the product development process.

This is where our propriety s2m Product Development Body of Knowledge (BOK)™ can assist your organization. We first work with your team in determining the product development process activities that best align with your organization and industry. At the same time we determine project criteria, define roles and responsibilities for team member, and develop templates that assist team members in executing their responsibilities.

Everything is clearly documented in an easy-to-navigate central repository that guides users through the product development process. Our proprietary s2m Product Development BOK™ ensures the appropriate analysis is performed, the appropriate deliverables are created and the appropriate decisions are made. Your team receives training and coaching to ensure they understand the process, their role and how to accomplish their responsibilities. The end result is a well-functioning team and a sustainable and repeatable new product development process.

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