Simplifying the Product Development Process

Client Issue: “We have a product development process, but it is not effective…it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job. We have really talented people, but we commonly have turf battles. Team members just aren’t sure what their roles and responsibilities are within the process. On top of that it doesn’t seem like decisions are being made on projects. The management team is having a hard time identifying good ideas and we end up doing everything. We’re spread too thin and product development has just become too complicated.”

Solution: When the product development process is not defined, it quickly becomes chaotic and complicated. Vague roles and responsibilities result in turf battles. Strategy 2 Market has considerable experience in helping companies improve their product development process.
Some of our clients do not have an existing new product development process. We work closely with these teams in designing a flexible and lean process that aligns with their business and industry.

With our clients that do have a process, we commonly find that an important component of the process may be missing early-staged customer and market activities. To keep everyone on the same page, we designed a propriety tool, the s2m Product Development Body of Knowledge (BOK)™. It guides your team through an improved product development process, with details on activities, roles and responsibilities. Clarity around activities, processes and roles takes the complexity out of product development. It also helps resolve turf issues.

We also coach the executive and management team on their role within the product development process, providing them with the tools to make good project decisions. This ultimately leads to choosing the ‘right projects’, and optimizing valuable product development resources.


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