Achieve Strategic Success with Resource Portfolio Management

What is Resource Portfolio Management?

Resource Portfolio Management (“RPM”) is a business capability that seeks to most effectively utilize resources for the delivery of strategy by matching resource supply and demand.

Why is Resource Portfolio Management crucial to success?

Adaptability – Today’s organizations have to be able to respond to changing competitive, market, technical and regulatory conditions. Increasingly this means having a clear understanding of your people capacity and being able to rapidly redeploy the right people when the need arises (without throwing the organization into crisis).

A strong RPM capability allows you to easily and quickly simulate different scenarios as you evaluate options for

  • matching resource capacity and configuration to the portfolio of projects
  • maximizing resource utilization and portfolio value

Download this free report to learn:

  • How resource portfolio management (RPM) and project portfolio management (PPM) are different
  • Why PPM tools fail at RPM
  • How to implement a resource management strategy
  • How TempusResource™ is purpose-built to handle your resource management issues

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