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Exploratory PD and Product Risk Framework Discussion at SWE Conference


Drotar and Morrissey will be discussing their innovative approach to developing products, called Exploratory PD® (ExPD) at the SWE Conference in Milwaukee WI.  ExPD is vastly different from the traditional phased and gated approach to developing products.

An ExPD pilot was conducted at a division of a Fortune 500 company, and the VP of Engineering stated: “We are looking at this approach. For many projects, the phased and gated methodology is too heavy and prescriptive. ExPD looks like it will provide flexibility and keep the focus on answering the right questions sooner.”

In addition, they will also be discussing their latest venture, called the Product Risk Framework® (PRF) software tool. The PRF recently won a NSF STEM I-Corp Grant through the University of Chicago. The PRF facilitates the identification and resolution of risk and uncertainty. Predictive analytics will also be integrated into the tool.

The SWE conference is scheduled for March 9th in Milwaukee WI.   https://welocal.swe.org/milwaukee/


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