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Exploratory PD Book to Be Published August 2022


Over the past 25+ years of providing product development process consulting, we have observed the shortcomings of the traditional product development process and identified how product development could be done differently. We developed an adaptable process called Exploratory Product Development® (ExPD), and we wrote a step-by-step user guide on this topic. The book will be published in August of 2022.

We finalized the user guide’s cover, with the title “Learn & Adapt: ExPD an Adaptive Product Development Process for Rapid Innovation and Risk Reduction.” Learn and Adapt is the central premise behind ExPD.

It enables project teams to adapt to changing product circumstances (e.g., technology, regulatory and commercial). We call the process Exploratory Product Development based on the definition of exploratory learning, which is outwardly focused and uses experimentation to discover new technologies, develop new competencies, and create new business models.

We provide a detailed step-to-step guide on implementing an adaptable process for enterprises. We include supporting case studies and examples, and the user guide is a perfect mix of real-life experience and supporting academic research.







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