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Getting the Right Things Done


“Getting the Right Things Done” by Pascal Dennis is one of those books which remind us how important it is to have a big picture view of the organization and build focus on project execution.  Using lean techniques founded in the Toyota Production System, Dennis walks the reader through the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) process, the use of A3 sheets to communicate, and the focus on what matters in order to get things done.

The reader is presented with a ficticious company that many of us recoginze: losing margins to commodity manufacturing, a product pipeline which consists of incremental product improvements, and frequent complaints of insufficient resources by all groups.   As the story unfolds, I found myself asking how could the process and tools presented be used in my company and how much time and money would be saved by being able to focus on the right things rather than everything.

Often management cannot see the realities within the company.  The process and required management involvement can help a company get the right things done.  Is it easy – No.  Can it be done – Absolutely.

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