Exploratory Product Development [ExPD]

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Exploratory Product Development (ExPD) is an adaptable strategy-to-launch product development system that adjusts to internal and external factors, and unique product nuances. ExPD was developed by consultants Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey of Strategy 2 Market, Inc. as an alternative to the popular but rigid phased-and-gated processes in use today. These rigid processes are designed to minimize project risk, focusing on scope, time and budget. Product development, and thus product development processes, must deal with various other risks, such as, market changes, technological feasibility, environmental impacts, regulatory requirements, and capabilities of the organization.

ExPD seeks to minimize risk by detecting and managing uncertainties—namely the unknowns, assumptions, or risks associated with a particular product. Through the resolution of uncertainties and reductions in risk, this approach is better suited for achieving the goals of increased commercial and technical success, and a shorter time-to-market, while making better use of available resources.

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