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Harnessing the Power of an “Adaptive” Product Development Process to Manage Uncertainty and Improve Time to Market



Are you in Chicago on March 15th?  Come and join Mary and Kathy in a discussion on a new way to develop products, called Exploratory PD at the PDMA Chicago Chapter meeting.

This presentation was one of the highest rated by attendees at PDMA’s PIM National Conference last year.

Come see what all the buzz is about.

Details and Registration

What people are saying:

—  VP of Engineering (Division of a Fortune 500 industrial company): “We are looking closer at this approach.  For many projects, the Phase-Gate methodology is too heavy and prescriptive.  ExPD looks like it will provide flexibility and keep the focus on answering the right questions sooner.”

—  Director of Engineering (Division of a Fortune 200 medical device company):  “An intelligent way to develop products.”

—  Engineering Executive (Mid-sized Industrial company):  “A process that not only drives down risks, but improves time to market.”

—  Director in Advanced Development (Mid-sized medical device company): “The process looks like an improvement in many ways, as with most new approaches there will be early adopters and some that will hang back and see.”

Go to the Exploratory PD site to learn more about this new process.

Watch for an upcoming article in Visions, PDMA’s Innovation e-magazine


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