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  • A Black Swan is Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s* term for an event that meets three characteristics:
    1. it happens rarely (perhaps it has never been observed before)
    2. it has an extreme impact, which can be positive or negative in consequence
    3. it is not predictable but in retrospect is easily(...)
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  • Document created for ideas/concepts entering the Business Case Stage/Phase. The Business Case is more than just an ROI/NPV, it also includes thorough market, technical, manufacturing, financial, risk, and legal assessments. Read More
  • This stage is intended to flesh out the product concept into a winning product definition, and to develop a sound basis for taking the project into the development stage. The major activities during this stage include a cross-functional team working together in building a robust business case.(...) Read More
  • Explains who your customers are and how you plan to make money by providing your customers with value, as opposed to the Business/Competitive Strategy, which explains how you will beat competitors by being different. The Business Model defines Who, What, Where and How: Who are you serving,(...) Read More

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