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If you are in Chicago on June 16th

Dr. Davina Durgana will be presented with the honor of the Harry V. Roberts Statistical Advocate of the Year Award 2016

for her work relating to human vulnerabilities, human trafficking, prostitution, and modern-day slavery.

At the award dinner she will give a presentation entitled “Addressing Modern Day Slavery through Statistics: the Human Vulnerability Diagnostic Tool (HVDT) and the Global Slavery Index in the United States and Abroad.”

Abstract: This talk will provide an overview of the lessons learned from the application of the Human Vulnerability Diagnostic Tool to human trafficking of minors—both citizens and foreigners—in the United States. What vulnerability factors are the most influential? We will then explore the application of the model in Tennessee and discuss the best practices of partners in the anti-trafficking field. Finally, we will review the major findings of the 2016 Global Slavery Index and the methodological improvements to this study resulting from a partnership with the Gallup World Poll.

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