The Myth of Doubling Down

It is tempting, when witnessing a failure of product development, to blame the people. Why? And what is going on? Read on ….

Is there a better way to develop products?

Throughout the many years of designing and implementing phased and gated systems for our clients, we have continuously sought to improve upon this approach. Improvements we have successfully implemented include—but are not limited to—the incorporation of concurrent activities; lean and agile methods; early-staged prototyping; and “kill quickly” methods. One of the most successful improvements we […]

Are you too late?

Are you too late? Part of ‘In the trenches of new product development’ series   We commonly see our clients postpone risk identification when it is way too late in the project. We are huge fans of hitting risk head-on in the earliest phases of new product development. Why? Here are 4 great reasons: 1. Identifying […]

An Introduction to Exploratory PD®

A highly-regarded VP of Research & Development recently told us that his best projects were those in which risks were actively managed throughout the product development process. He was referring to the various risks typically associated with market success, technological feasibility, environmental impacts, regulatory requirements, and supplier reliability. Since none of these sources of uncertainty […]

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