7 Steps to Integrate Medical Device and Lean Product Development

Here are some steps to get started implementing lean product development in your organization. The goal is to identify and remove waste, so work (including product development) can flow through the organization,

3 Lean and Agile Methods the TSA Used to Improve Performance

At O’Hare, the wait “fell from 105 minutes in early May to just nine minutes in the two weeks before the Fourth of July.” Learn more

Regulatory Requirements Do Not Prevent Integration of Lean and Agile Methods into Medical Device Product Development

Lean and agile are frequently used terms in product development.  The advantages of these techniques to improve time to market are well known.  Some medical device companies feel that lean and agile techniques cannot be used because of design controls.  However, the regulations don’t prevent the use of those techniques during product development. In the […]

Reducing Cycle Time in the Early Phases of the New Product Development Process

It’s fairly easy to reduce cycle time on clearly defined activities such as in development phases. How do you reduce cycle time in the Fuzzy Front End?