The Product Development Pipeline: Shifting the Bubble

Product development pipelines can become clogged over time. This case study examines solutions which helped a client get more products through their pipeline.

Should you outsource your idea generation?

We observed a lot of effort is focused on soliciting new product ideas externally, while internal analysis and product strategy development languishes. How can companies do a better job?

160 ways to generate ideas for new products

So many ways to generate new product ideas…

Expectations of the Executive Team in Pipeline Management

Over the many years of working in product development, we have encountered many obstacles with managing the appropriate number of projects with the available resources. The inability to marry the appropriate number of projects with the available resources leads to: Delays in projects being delivered to the marketplace Slow to respond to new opportunities Too […]

If You Build It, How Do You Make Sure They Will Come?

How diffusion and adoption impact the success of new product development.