Overcoming the Fear of Making a Mistake

As consultants, one trait we see is the need for managers and leaders to decide.  Consequently, several issues occur because of a manager’s indecision.  For example, a project continues to fester in development, and everyone knows it should be terminated, but no one wants to make that final decision. Why does indecision happen? The fear […]

The Battles between Product Management and Engineering

It is not unusual for organizations to experience some battle/disagreement between product management (a.k.a. upstream marketing/marketing) and engineering. The tension can not only waste dollars and resources, but also contribute to a caustic culture. How do we fix that?

Should you use Skunk Works? Not a Cut-and-Dried Answer

An executive asked me a question regarding the merits of designing a Skunk Works® program for developing innovative products internally. It is not a cut-and-dried answer because there are advantages and disadvantages of the skunk works model.

What does decentralized decision-making really look like?

Does decentralized decision-making mean leaders are out of a job? No, definitely not. As a leader, it is your responsibility … Read more

How to lead product development teams: Mission-Type Orders

Mission-type orders are the basis of effective product development leadership when decentralized decision-making and adaptability is needed. Read more

When Disciplines Don’t Mix

This article discusses working together as a cross-functional team.

When Expertise Trumps Authority

Decentralized decision making can speed product development, as well as, improve adaptability and ability to react to market changes.

Expectations of the Executive Team in Pipeline Management

Over the many years of working in product development, we have encountered many obstacles with managing the appropriate number of projects with the available resources. The inability to marry the appropriate number of projects with the available resources leads to: Delays in projects being delivered to the marketplace Slow to respond to new opportunities Too […]