How to decrease the paperwork you loathe in product development

“Too much paperwork!” is the one of the most common and most passionate complaints we hear from our clients. The project team loathes creating it and the decision-makers loathe reading it. They don’t see the value. Yet typical product development processes requires voluminous documentation. Why so much paperwork? 1st… to make sure nothing is overlooked,

Hurry up and WAIT – Pitfalls of the Phased and Gated Process

A phased-and-gated process suffers from speed issues, read on to learn more. …

The Myth of Doubling Down

It is tempting, when witnessing a failure of product development, to blame the people. Why? And what is going on? Read on ….

Post-Launch Surveillance

Question: I’ve heard that the FDA wants medical device companies to take a more comprehensive view of product life cycles.  However, we are not sure what is expected from the regulations and how they might integrate into our product development process. We are currently using a phased and gated product development process.  Can you provide […]

Robust Design – Methods to Accelerate the Development of Critical Design Parameters

Among the strategies for the development of critical design parameters in a physical product is Robust Design, an approach that builds upon traditional scientific and engineering methods.  Familiar methods can work well for exploring known design space.  Robust Design adds value in exploring the unknown design space.  This article explains Robust Design in order for […]

Is there a better way to develop products?

Throughout the many years of designing and implementing phased and gated systems for our clients, we have continuously sought to improve upon this approach. Improvements we have successfully implemented include—but are not limited to—the incorporation of concurrent activities; lean and agile methods; early-staged prototyping; and “kill quickly” methods. One of the most successful improvements we […]

Only 15-20% of employees actually get it: Memorable moments at the Lean Startup conference

A couple of members of our firm, Strategy 2 Market, attended the annual Lean Startup conference in San Francisco last week (See Additional Info at the bottom of this post for an explanation of the Lean Startup movement.) One of the speakers, Cory Nelson of GE, estimated only 15-20% of all employees across the company […]

An expensive lesson: Not measuring project risk upfront

Our firm was brought into a company that encountered product development process issues. Some of the symptoms included missing delivery dates, missing organic growth revenue goals and just general dissatisfaction with the overall process from the perspective of executive management and the project team members. One of the many gate meetings we attended illustrates the potential inefficiencies of […]

Where is the bull in your product development process? Part of ‘In the trenches of New Product Development’ series

How good are your assumptions? After many years of designing and implementing phased and gated systems we have continuously tried to improve upon this approach. More recently, we have been getting ‘push back’ from some of our clients on a ‘better way’, of getting products to market quicker. And as a result, over the last […]

An Introduction to Exploratory PD®

A highly-regarded VP of Research & Development recently told us that his best projects were those in which risks were actively managed throughout the product development process. He was referring to the various risks typically associated with market success, technological feasibility, environmental impacts, regulatory requirements, and supplier reliability. Since none of these sources of uncertainty […]

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