Survival in this fast-paced world

Over the last few decades we have seen many historically successful companies fail. Today an adaptive strategy is appropriate for many companies,

Why Traditional Strategy Does Not Win

Traditional strategy development assumes that markets/industries are stable, but today that is not the rule for most firms. How do develop strategy that is adaptable to change? Learn more

Product Development New Year’s Resolution: Get a Strategy

How do you realize the New Year’s resolution of implementing a well-defined strategic framework? Read more

Strategy and Uncertainty

Does your strategy handle the uncertainty and complexity of today’s markets?

10 Key Steps To Developing A Business Model

The business model is one of the most powerful, and most overlooked, tools of the product developer. Follow these 10 steps to build your business model.

How good platforms give your product a competitive advantage

Good platforms give your products a competitive advantage in cost, speed, uniformity and other benefits. This post explains how.

Got a Technology Strategy?

Technology is another one of those nebulous terms that are hard to pin down.  You may immediately think of sciences in the laboratory.  But technology is the application of science.  The key feature of science is that it is systematized.  There is a body of knowledge, processes, and rules about how something behaves. “Technology is […]

It’s a Value Proposition…Handle With Care

  We recently asked a project team to describe the value proposition for their new product. From the broad range of responses we received, it was obvious that team members differed substantially in their definition of what constitutes a value proposition. This seemed to reflect variations in the term’s common usage, which at one end […]

Strategy: One Direction

Strategy is more of an art than a science. What companies need is a way to structure thinking and analysis, come to a decision on what to do, and then communicate the strategy in order to mobilize the organization to execute it. We wrote a mini eBook outlining the s2m Strategic Framework™   This framework provides […]

Medical Device Reimbursement Lessons Learned: Up in Smoke

Your reimbursement strategy can have a critical impact on your medical device success and your company. Reimbursement is different from approvals by the FDA or another regulatory agency/notified body. Approvals by a payer such as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) allows you to be reimbursed for the product. While the approvals by regulatory […]

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