9 Common Product Development Problems

As product development consultants, we have experienced the following problems listed below.  They may seem overwhelming but they can be solved! 1) Nobody within your organization expects a new product to be launched on time We have worked across organizations, that have meager expectations regarding a product being delivered on-time. But when everyone knows to […]

Pitfalls of Using Big Data in Product Development

Don’t get led astray by the commonly overlooked downsides of big data when it comes to product development

8 Signs your Product Development System Needs Some Love

8 signs your product development system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Can an algorithm replace you?

Modern Data-Driven Discovery vs. Scientific Discovery Modern data-driven discovery has been fueled by tremendous growth in data availability and computing power. Gone are the days when analysts had to be conscientious about using as few data points and computing steps as possible. We’ve traded in our HP programmable calculators and mainframes running FORTRAN for fast, […]

160 ways to generate ideas for new products

So many ways to generate new product ideas…

The Used and Abused P-Value – and the Impact to Product Development

Earlier this month, the American Statistical Association (ASA) took on the case of the much misunderstood P-Value[i], citing such abuses as ‘p-hacking, ‘data-dredging’ and ‘bright-line rules’ contributing to injuries including ‘publication bias,’ the ‘file-drawer effect’ and the ‘reproducibility crisis’ in scientific studies[ii]. Some scientific journals have gone so far as to deny P-Value inclusion in […]

Creating Your Value Proposition

Client Question: How can I get information to determine the resonating focus of a value proposition? Answer: Getting a really good understanding of customer needs requires some market research, and that can be hard for companies selling to businesses that have a limited pool of actual and potential customers. If the segments you want to […]

How to manage your gate meetings and get to the right project decision

Gate practices have a profound effect on a Gatekeeper’s ability to make the right decisions. Here are some best practices for product development gate meetings.