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Lean LaunchPad Methods For Corporate Innovators

Over the years, Mary Drotar and Kathy Morrissey have experienced increased pressure on their clients to increase product success, to get products to market faster, with fewer resources. A few companies adopted entrepreneurial practices, like the Lean LaunchPad® or Lean Startup®*. Some experienced success with these approaches but others found it difficult to adopt these entrepreneurial practices in a mid-to-large cap company.

Mid-to-large cap companies are different than startups (read the blog post on this topic). In helping mid-to-large cap companies improve their product development practices over the last 20+years, Mary and Kathy understand the benefits and hurdles to adopting entrepreneurial practices.

In searching for alternative approaches to developing products, Mary and Kathy attended Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship™ program at the University of California, Berkeley for educators, and they received certification to educate students on the Lean LaunchPad methodology.

They are recipients of the National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM I-Corp grant sponsored by the University of Chicago for their business intelligence software product the Product Risk Framework. This grant is based on following the Lean LaunchPad approach to developing products and finding product-market fit.

Mary and Kathy are in the unique position of 1. Working with mid-to-large cap companies in improving product development processes, 2. receiving certification in teaching the Lean LaunchPad methodology, and 3. practicing the approach with their own product, the Product Risk Framework.

They have modified the Lean LaunchPad approach for corporate innovators, so it works successfully within a mid-to-large-cap company.

An agenda is developed that fits your training objectives, and the length of the workshop varies on how deep your team wants to go.  Flipped classroom methods are used to ensure real-time learning.

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