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Liking, Sharing, and Understanding the s2m Website


With the introduction of social media into the corporate world, many new trends have begun to spawn. The biggest player in social media, Facebook, has recently introduced “Pages” which, according to the Facebook website, allows organizations to create a “public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users.” Or as seen from a business perspective: this is a simplified way for companies to advertise their products/services via the Facebook interface.

As you may have noticed, people have the ability to “Like” your organization’s “Page.” This feature is a way to gain positive feedback from users. It is a running tally of how many users have viewed your company information and given their personal “stamp of approval.” Thus, the higher number of “Likes” your company has, the higher the approval rating among Facebook users. To put it simply, the “Like” button is an easy way of gaining credibility within the Facebook family of users.

You may have also noticed links on our website stating “Like us on Facebook.” These links are shortcuts to our company “Page” on Facebook. By clicking this link, it is bypassing the need to manually retrieve our company “Page” within Facebook. This will not sign you up for any newsletters or email listervs, but simply give us your personal “stamp of approval.”

Another social media device found within our website is the “Share/Save” button located on most of our pages at the upper right hand portion of the screen. This allows users to select which social media site, email client, or blogging site to use to share or save our website. For instance, if you select to share our website via Google Gmail, our share button will automatically generate an email containing our company web address and a short description of our services that will be ready for you to send via Gmail to any of your colleagues. Our website also gives users the ability to save and subscribe to our RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) feed. An RSS feed is a web feed format used to standardize frequently updated works such as blogs and news headlines. By subscribing to our feed, our blog posts will automatically appear in your “RSS reader.” Examples of readers include Google Reader and My Yahoo! This is an ideal method of consolidating the content the websites of your interest contain into one easy-to-navigate page.

Social media has proven to be the next wave of the future. It is important that we all understand its significance and take full advantage of what it has to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by using our “Contact Us” page.

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