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Making the U.S. Competitive: what HBS is doing to help out


A couple of nights ago I attended the Harvard Business School (HBS) presentation on the U.S. Competitiveness Project. It is a research-led project seeking to understand and improve competitiveness in the U.S. The research focused on the ability of U.S. firms to compete successfully in the global economy, while also supporting high and rising living standards for the average American.

It was a riveting presentation that included three HBS faculty. The initial presentation was given by Professor Michael Porter, and his topic was the “Looming Challenge to U.S. Competitiveness.” Professor Jan Rivkin then presented the topic “Choosing the United States.” The last presentation, “Producing Prosperity” was given by Professor Gary Pisano.

HBS faculty is now visiting all the major metro areas around the country to discuss their research, and to create action at the regional level. The presentation was held in Chicago Monday night (10/1/12), and the event included a local panel of Chicago business leaders. They discussed the issues of bringing jobs and investment to Chicago and the U.S.

What I felt was so compelling about this project was the call to action not only at a regional level, but at a business leader level. Please go to this link to view the ways in which business leaders can improve U.S. competitiveness.

Please also find a video clip providing information on this project:

US Competitiveness Project

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